Earn More Rewards on Freebitco.in With Us

Freebitco.in is the most famous bitcoin faucet in the world and the 5x multiplier currently running for next 48 hours. You can earn even more with us.

Another multiplier promo is running at the moment on Freebitco.in faucet. You've got 48 hours to take advantage of it.

During this time your rewards will be increased:

  • 10 RP/free roll,

  • 5 RP/referral free roll,

  • 5 RP/multiply roll

Reward points can be converted into bitcoins or you can redeem these points for prizes (electronics, vouchers, btc bonus,…). Approximate value of 1 reward point = 1 satoshi.

Just roll every 60 minutes to maximize your profits.

Even higher rewards on Freebitco.in

As you might know, you can also earn free bitcoins by referring other people to Freebitco.in site. If they are active on the faucet, you will earn 50% commission of their rewards. There is a feature that enables you to share the referral commissons with your referrals, thus giving them higher rewards in total.

And that's what we do - 80% share of referral earning goes to your account. This is being paid every Sunday (only once per week, so you have to be patient waiting for the extra free bitcoins).

If you're interested in 40% rewards boost (80% of 50% commissions), click on our Freebitco.in link and you will become our referral.

Keep in mind you're not allowed to use more than one active Freebitco.in account.

We've got set auto-share on 80% (paid every Sunday)

Join Freebitco.in - the most used crypto faucet with us and start earning more.

If you're interested in earning free crypto, see our section dedicated to this subject.

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