Circle Spinning Competition - Betfury

Another promotion ran by gambling TRON Dapp Betfury, try to win the most in Circle game and get a piece of 250,000 TRX prize pool.

Try the simplified version of roulette - the Circle, be consistent with playing and win your share of the 250,000 TRX prize pool. On top of that, you will have chance to hit a jackpot and magnify your winnings.

We've informed you about Betfury previous promotions and this one hides very great opportunity, too. Thus you cannot be surprised Betfury belongs between the most popular gambling TRON sites.

This promotion runs in period from April 9, 2020 until April 23, 2020, so we're approaching the half of the competition, but you still got time to get into the paid TOP50 finishers.

How to participate in Circle promotion?

  • Create the Betfury account and login using Tronlink wallet

  • Play in-house game Circle

  • Win as much as you can to rank higher in the leaderboard

  • Receive your prize!

  • The Top prize for the winner is 100,000 TRX (~US$1260 at the moment)


  • Bets can be placed in TRX, USDT, BTT or BTC (the total winning volume will be considered in TRX).

  • To become the winner you have to win most of all pure profit. (Example 1: your bet is 100 TRX - winning - 200 TRX = 100 TRX added to your rating. Example 2: your bet is 10 USDT - winning - 50 USDT = approx. 2900 TRX (TRX/USDT rate) added to your rating. etc.

  • Distribution of winnings is carried out automatically to your game balance with no conditions, no wager requirement in 24h.

As you may know, you will mine Betfury's native token BFG by playing on Betfury Dapp. Try in-house games or slots and receive BFG tokens, these can be frozen and you will be earning dividends afterwards. Just play Betfury and then you will became the house (getting part of the Betfury platform's profit).

You can track your leaderboard position in the "Circle tab" on the left during a play

Jackpot info:

To win Jackpot you should place bets in game Circle. There is a countdown of bets (total 100 000 bets for every Jackpot round). No matter you win or lose your bet will be counted in Jackpot draw. Jackpot distribution will start once countdown of 100 000 bets is restarted. Percent of Jackpot winnings depends on the lowest bet amount.

So stay home and win at Circle!

Circle is simplified version of the roulette

If you're not on Betfury yet, create your Betfury player account.

Betfury is gambling DApp running on Tron blockchain, it provides in-house games and games by other providers, too. The supported cryptocurrency are TRON (TRX), USDT, BTC, BTT and their own token BFG.

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