Black Friday on Sportsbet - Reward Up to 100 mBTC

Bitcoin Casino and sportsbook will credit eight accounts with 100 mBTC in upcoming hours, your task is just to be active at that moment.

With currently running Black Friday deals all around the internet, crypto sportsbook and casino will reward randomly chosen accounts. The funds will lend into players balance every hour and you have to claim the rewarded 100 mBTC in that one hour period. If you won't be online and unable to claim the prize, entire 100 mBTC will be removed from the account.

  • Promotion will run this Friday, November 29 from 8am GMT till 16pm GMT

  • You have to made at least one deposit to your Sportsbet account (anytime, any currency)

  • Every hour one account will be awarded with 100 mBTC (8 rewarded account overall)

  • If your account is the chosen one, claim the prize during given hour to obtain it

How to claim the prize? Simply place a bet or just contact the support via chat, show some activity.

Any wager requirments on the 100 mBTC rewards? No, it's your cash now.

In what currency will I receive the prize? Rewarded only in Bitcoin and cannot be converted on-site.

For complete info, go to the official promo page.

That seems like a very good deal, just be online during those hours and there's always a chance to be the chosen one.

If you're not on Sportsbet yet, create your player account. is crypto casino and sportsbook accepting cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and SOC.

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