is a new bitcoin faucet. It offers several methods how to earn free bitcoins. Everyone has one claim per hour available. See full description of the features.

Rating: 5/5

Nice.Surf Features

Free Roll - You can claim free bitcoins every 60 minutes 

Surf Ads - Either PTC Ads or Short links are other ways to earn

Referral Earnings - Get 10% commission of referrals' profits

Jobs - Promote Nice.Surf faucet to get extra Bits

Leaderboards - Extra Bits can be won with active approach

Nice.Surf Payment Details

Minimum Payout - 100  Satoshi to Bitcoin wallet

Minimum Payout - 100,000  Satoshi to FaucetHub

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoins, go to Nice.Surf website and click Sign-up.

Enter your e-mail address, bitcoin address(can be your FaucetHub account) and choose password and username, then go to your inbox and confirm your e-mail address. Now you can sign-in and start earning free bitcoins by clicking.

Earning Bitcoins on Nice.Surf

NiceSurf is a complex bitcoin faucet, there are several method to earn free bitcoins. Just choose your strategy and be consistent

  • Free Roll - Every 60 minutes you have on claim of free bitcoins available, just enter reCaptcha and let system roll you a random number and prize

  • Surf Ads - Going through PTC or Short links is additional stream of income 

  • Commissions of your referrals - Not very generous program, but you will get 3% of referrals' faucet claims. This rate can be increased (see Jobs or Activity Rewards in the menu)

  • Jobs - Promoting NiceSurf over the internet will bring you extra Bits

Faucet - Free Roll

The easiest source of free bitcoins on is their Free Roll you can use every hour.

You just have to solve captcha and then click ROLL & WIN. It will automatically and randomly roll a number and give you prize depending on the given number. 

See table down below for approximate payouts.

Final Reward can impacted by a few variables.


Final claim reward formula:
(Standard + 0.1% Current balance) * Level multiplier * Membership multiplier

As you can see, you better have more money in the balance as this way your rolls will bring you more profits. Activity and thus higher account levels will also increase your multiplier.

For higher rewards you can purchase Gold membership or you can get an upgrade for free thanks to Activity Rewards (see below). At least for a few days.

Surf Ads

Clicking on ads is option for people who find profits from roll too low, they have some free time they can put in and earn some Bits more. 

Click PTC Ads or Short links to see current Ads and go through these to earn around 10 Bits per ad viewed.


There are five(5) tasks at the moment in Jobs section. All of these are about you promoting NiceSurf website and sharing your reflink.

For getting extra Bits, simply share your NiceSurf opinion on Twitter or Facebook, to earn bigger rewards (up to 5,000 Bits), create a blogpost or video on YouTube about NiceSurf faucet.

Refer a friend

Like other bitcoin faucets, Nice.Surf has its own referral program, too.

You will earn 10% of your referrals' faucet claims. This isn't as generous as other faucets, but if you will refer a lot of active clickers, you can build decent passive income.

There is way how to increase referral commissions (to 20%), you would have to purchase Gold membership or be active to get an upgrade for free (see Activity Rewards in the menu).


Although Nice.Surf is quite new faucet, it has already gain trust among its users when it comes to payments. Their minimums for withdrawal requests are low, if you want to send satoshis to your FaucetHub.

For Gold members, withdrawal minimums are even lower.

  • Withdrawal to FaucetHub - 100 satoshi

  • Withdrawal to BTC Address - 100,000 satoshi

Overview is very good crypto faucet. It is suitable for beginners as it will them earn decent amount of satoshis. Free roll is not the only feature for earning, you can surf ads, too.

NiceSurf provide Activity rewards, those motivate users to be active every day.

Only downside are very low referrals commissions.

If Nice.Surf features havn't impressed you and you would like to try another faucet, see our list of crypto faucets.


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UPDATE 2020:

Seems like has closed their service and you can no longer earn free bitcoin on their website. Look for other crypto faucets to earn free bitcoins.

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