is bitcoin faucet for earning free bitcoins. Allowing you to multiply your balance by playing Hi-Lo game or offering a few betting options on various sporting or politics events.

Rating: 5/5 Features

Free Roll every 1 hour - Get Free Bitcoins

Hi-Lo Game - Multiply Your Balance

Betting - Sportsbetting, Politics bets or Financial bets

Interest Rate - Earn bitcoin daily

Lottery - Win bonus bitcoins with free lottery tickets

Leaderboards - Win extra bitcoins for your efforts

Referral Earnings - Earn share of what your friends win

Security - Two Factor Authentication log-in available

Rewards - Collect reward points to convert them into cash or prizes Payment Details

Minimum payout 0.0003 BTC

Deposits open - You can buy lottery tickets to raise your chance to win - Optional

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoin, go to website and create an account.

Enter your e-mail address and choose password and then proceed to your dashboard. You will be welcomed on free roll page, which you can use every hour to claim free price. Other than that, you will see ongoing promotions and contests.

Earning Bitcoins

You've got own account, but now what? What are the ways to earn bitcoins with

  • Free Roll - Every hour you've got a chance to get free bitcoins, prize up to ~$200. The easiest way!

  • HI-LO Game - Play simple build-in game to multiply your balance

  • Betting - Site offers bets on several sports, financial or politics events, predict correctly to boost your balance

  • Daily interest - Simply hold more than 0.0003 BTC in your account and get your balance awarded with interest on daily basis. You won't be millionaire by doing this, but it's nice to earn extra cash and you will have a reason to let the winnings in your account

  • Lottery - With each free roll, you got rewarded with lottery tickets, these are used in home lottery every week. You can also buy more tickets to raise your chances to win prizes

  • Contest - There are two leaderboards for very active users - one is for individual overall wagering volume (meaning the one who bets the most on wins the 1st place) and the second leaderboard awards those accounts whose referrals bet the highest combined wagering volume. The prizepool is very attractive and leaderboards are run and counted for every month

  • Referring friends - Earn generous commissions from referring your friends to

Free Roll

Free Rolling is the main reason you should join, if you look for starting your crypto bankroll from the scratch. You don't need any knowledge to profit from this feature, just any device with internet and determination to come back every hour to roll again.

How to Free Roll on

STEP 1 - Log-in to your account

STEP 2 - Click FREE BTC button in upper bar 

STEP 3 - Click ROLL and enter Captcha code

STEP 4 - Receive the prize

STEP 5 - Come back after an hour to roll again 











There is a given distribution of prize pool. This "game" is provably fair and you can verify your previous rolls, so keep rolling to receive higher tier prizes.

Down below you can see actual prize distribution on lucky numbers.








There is a timer - always after roll it will go down from 60 minutes and you can see you'll be able to roll again. Very nice feature is a Timer sound on background. By that you will got notified when an hour has passed and your new roll is ready.

Betting offers you a few events you can place bets on. Occasionally there is really just a small amount of upcoming events, so joining this site for sportsbetting doesn't seem like a wise idea. 

The advantage of betting on is that your wagering volume will be put into leaderboard and you're getting chance to win extra money - but to be at the top of the wagering leaderboard you have to place quite a lot of funds.

Daily Interest

Daily Interest

If you will decide to let your profits hold in your account, you will get interest every day. It is added to your balance at random time and there is a rule of having minimum of 0.0003 BTC in your account.

Current annual interest rate is 4.08 %, but this figure can be changed by team. Of course, they will let know users in advance about the change.

Contest - Leaderboards does offer two monthly leaderboards for highly active users. If you manage to place in TOP10, you will win a share of $32,500 (this amount may change from time to time). Both leaderboards are focused on wagering volume. The first one is total wagered volume by single individual user (bets made in Multiply BTC, Multiply BTC Jackpot and Betting). 

The second leaderboard counts wagering volume by your referrals and combine them to make rankings. Meaning you win if your referrals will bet the most in a given month.

These are really for those who will be able to run their business around this website, either you will need to deposit and make bets on this site (not recommended) or build big referral base.

But if you manage to achieve TOP10 in this contest, you can expect big prizes coming your way. See current prize distribution at the time of writing the article.

Refer a friend

Referring to other people can create you a nice cash flow. It's because of site's generous referral program. If somebody will register thru your ref link, you will gain a share of his profits as well.

  • FREE BTC - 50% of base prize in Free Roll

  • MULTIPLY BTC / BETTING - 0.40% of wager / bet

  • EARN BTC - 25% of daily interest

  • Plus 1 Lottery ticket + 1 Reward point for every referrals Free Roll played

As you can see, building a referral base might be a good way for you to make money off of this type of bitcoin site (bitcoin faucets in general). displays in REFER tab your total referrals and other stats, so you will able to see if your strategy to build referral base is working as you want.

Another interesting feature is a possibility to share profit of your referrals with them. Even you can setup an auto-sharing program auto-sending profits back to your referrals.


As we've stated, minimum required amount to request a withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC.

The green buttons for DEPOSIT or WITHDRAWAL are in upper area of every page.

You can select between Slow and Instant withdrawal option - if you're not in a hurry for bitcoins, go with the Slow option as you will get away with much lower transaction fee.

Overview is definitely one of the best bitcoin faucets out there. Free rolling is very simple, you can try your luck to boost your balance. Also you can get extra bitcoins thru leaderboards or lottery and finally you can always refer your friends and get a bit of profit thanks to them.

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