BonusBitcoin belongs between the most used bitcoin faucets. It has only a little possible ways how to earn free bitcoins, but with extra features it's very effective and simple faucet.

Rating: 4/5

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoins, go to website and click Register.

Enter your e-mail address and choose password and go to your inbox to confirm your e-mail address. Now you can sign-in and start claiming free bitcoins via faucet.

Earning Bitcoins on

There is a few ways how you can earn free bitcoins on this site:

  • Faucet - Every 15 minutes you've got a chance to get free bitcoins, prize up to 5000 satoshis. The easiest way!

  • Refer a friend - Refer this bitcoin faucet to your friends or to people via social networks and get passive income - 50% commissions

  • Completing surveys and offers - This is a another way how to add satoshis to your balance

  • Dice - Now it's unavailable

Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet is the main tool to generate free bitcoins for yourself. You've been showed advertisment on the page and thus from those sources you can earn profit. BonusBitcoin have 15 minutes intervals between claims, so you have a chance to do 4 claims per hour max.

How to claim free bitcoins on

STEP 1 - Log-in to your account

STEP 2 - Scroll down to CLAIM area

STEP 3 - Click Claim and enter reCaptcha code

STEP 4 - Receive the prize

STEP 5 - Come back after 15 minutes to claim again 











There is randomness in how much you will receive on every claim. You cannot expect to get 5,000 satoshi every claim, it will be often much lower amount than this. has two features available in faucet settings,

  • Claim alarm - you will get sound notification when your claim is ready

  • Average claim amount - tick this box if you don't want to gamble with faucet and you rather collect just average amount of free bitcoin per claim 

Daily Bonus

Beneficial feature of is 5% bonus of profits you and your referrals made during eligible period - last 72hours. The bonus is paid daily around midnight UTC.

Obviously 5 percent is not a huge amount, but if you're dedicated and you make a lot of claims, the added free bitcoins are always great for your balance. In Claim area you can see how many satoshi you will receive as a bonus.

Refer a friend

If you would like to use bitcoin faucet's referral programs to build a passive income, is a great choice. The commissions are generous and you'll get bonus for active clicking referrals, too.

  • Free Bitcoins Claims - Get 50% of your referrals profits

  • Get 5% Bonus - You will not only receive bonus of your profits, but also profits of your active referrals

If you're interested in this option, click Refer button in your dashboard and share a reflink to your friends or on your business platform. Number of your referrals and paid out satoshi are tracked in Refer pop-up window. 


As we've stated, minimum amount to withdrawal doesn't exist here on as your earnings are instantly sent to your CoinPot address.

During the registration, the account is linked to the same e-mail address CoinPot account. So be sure you're entering correct e-mail address. CoinPot account can be set before you create a BonusBitcoin account or you can access it later via password recovery feature.

Don't be surprised by this cashout method, many crypto faucets do prefer CoinPot method of payouts.

If doesn't impressed you and you would like to try other faucet, see list of crypto faucets.


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BonusBitcoin isn't really any special crypto faucet besides 5% bonus. But it should be in your faucet portfolio for its simplicity and high earnings potential. Generous referral commissions is another reason to join this one. Features

Free Bitcoin Claim every 15 minutes

Dice - Multiply Your Balance

Referral Earnings - Get 50% commissions of friends' profit

Daily Bonus - Get 5% Bonus of your earnings daily

Earn More Bitcoins - With offers and completing surveys Payment Details

No Minimum Payout - Directly paid to Coinpot

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