Buy Your First Bitcoin

Our main goal is to find online casinos to people who already own any of crypto-currencies. But there are also player with inexperienced with these digital money. here you can see manual how to buy Bitcoin (and other altcoins) if you would like to start using these for online betting and entertainment.

We provide a manual how to create an account on CEX.IO crypto-exchange. This one is of the many out there, but it is recommended due to many deposit and withdrawals options. On CEX.IO you get user-friendly layout with easy to use features. Altcoin pairs offering is very wide and liquidity is good.

step 1.png

Click Register on landing page, you will be redirected to easy form to enter your e-mail and new password for your account.

Then you will have to enter your cell phone to receive either SMS or phone call to get secure code to login to your account.

step 2.png

Basic identity verification is mandatory if you would like to have all access to exchange(i.e. Trade tab to get lower fees). You must provide a copy of your passport, ID card or driving license. Follow the instructions. You will be also requested to make a selfie with a document in Step 5 and enter your ID data in Step 8 of the verification process. 

step 3.png

After completing verification process you have to wait for your request to be approved. You will get notification to your e-mail within a few minutes after completing the forms. You can continue with more verification info to get higher limits (we are going to skip that for now)

Go into Finance Tab and there you see your FIAT balance and Crypto balance aswell. Click Deposit to upload your account with your currency (EUR for SEPA). There is a deposit option using your payment card.

step 4.png

CEX. IO has feature that will allow you to make a quick deposit with payment card. You can find it in BUY/SELL tab. Although it’s very fast way how to load your account with funds it’s not the cheapest way in terms of fees. Check out the table with fees structure on deposits and withdrawals with various methods.

step 5.png
step 6 fees.png

If you’re interested in buying/selling with lower fees click Trade tab and you will get this screen. Down below chart of the selected trading pair (image is showing BTC/EUR pair) there are columns to enter your desired amount of bitcoin to buy and at what price. If you enter lower price then it’s trading at the moment you will have to wait to market go down to fill your bids.

step 7 trade.png

Now you have your crypto funds already in Finance tab, from here you can withdraw to chosen casino to start playing using cryptocurrencies. 

Purchase your first bitcoin at CEX.IO