4 Reasons Why Use Bitcoin In Online Casinos And Sportbooks

Bitcoin gambling.jpg

Ever wondered why use your bitcoins for gambling sites? Before digital money, you would use your FIAT funds to load your online gambling balance. With bitcoin popularity rise, more and more reliable casinos added bitcoin as another method of deposit. 

But there is also special niche of only-cryptocurrencies casino games providers. Those come with some benefits that will convince you to use digital money for this online gambling.

#1 Bitcoin Gambling Is Worldwide

Your government laws can prevent a casino games provider to allow to play at their website. With bitcoin anonymity , there are ways how to pass these country restriction and start playing. Use of VPN is very often permitted.

#2 Cryptocurrencies Allow More Privacy

Not everybody wants to provide a proof of their identity to online casino website. You want to stay anonymous in certain situations. There are bitcoin casinos that will allow you to play casino games completely inkognito. This usually applies to smaller deposit limits. On some of them you don’t need any ID proof at all.

#3 Winnings Are Safe In Your Cold Wallet

After a big win, you will want to withdraw your funds from casino. You might choose a bank wire or a SEPA. Here comes another advantage of bitcoin. No matter how big transaction you willing to make, bitcoin network doesn’t care. You can transfer a lot of money in one quick transaction and if using hardware wallet, i.e. Trezor or Ledger Nano, you will be the real owner of the funds, nobody else has access to those bitcoins. That’s one of the biggest pros of digital money.

#4 Bitcoin Bonuses

Casinos accepting several banking methods besides Bitcoin – i.e. credit cards, e-wallets, will usually prefer you to deposit via cryptocurrencies. Other banking methods would cost them more to accept payments, meaning that they will offer higher bonus value to players using bitcoin.